What We Do


Responsible planning understands and respects the relationship between people, buildings and spaces.

GSP Group Planners offer extensive experience and take a comprehensive and supportive approach to understanding and preparing for responsible land use and community design, whether that is creating an entirely new place or revitalizing existing ones.

Our Planners foster relationships with clients and communities to help both understand common goals and consider all points of view. A sound planning process provides the basis for managing change.

The planning we do today is based on understanding our past and charting an appropriate course for the future to make communities strong and successful.

Urban Design

Art meets science to sculpt outdoor space and strike a balance between built and natural forms. GSP Group Urban Designers add character and charm to urban areas by shaping buildings, streets, villages and cities into memorable places.

Our Urban Designers offer a multidisciplinary team of experts who achieve success by identifying issues early, understanding projects in the context of their communities and effective design to enhance quality of life.

Extensive knowledge about communities. Ability to understand trends. Experience to lead successful public consultations to build support. Our Urban Designers provide this expertise to meet the needs of clients and community by shaping neighbourhoods that are functional, attractive and sustainable places.

Landscape Architecture

Knowing the elements needed to achieve outstanding solutions. Striking the essential balance between form and function, efficiency and pleasure, built and natural environments.

GSP Group Landscape Architects see possibilities in landscape management and realize beauty through design to create better spaces.

Our Landscape Architects are progressive and practical as they apply the right elements to achieve outstanding solutions in parks, streetscapes and private spaces. They do this by working closely with clients, communities and project teams to realize exciting and sustainable designs, from large public spaces to private roof top gardens.

The results are valued by our clients and most importantly, enjoyed by communities.

Our Services


Official Plan and Zoning By-law Reviews
Master Plans
Community and Secondary Plans
Municipal Planning Advisory Services
Site Planning
Subdivision and Condominium Plans
Urban and Rural Development Approvals
Development Feasibility and Optimal Use Studies
CPTED Analysis and Design
LEED Neighbourhood Design
Community Improvement Plans
Project Management
Public Consultation and Facilitation
Expert Testimony
Expropriation and Compensation Studies
Planning Justification Reports
Recreational Master Planning


Design Guidelines
Master Plans
Heritage Conservation Plans
Height and Massing Studies
Community Improvement Studies
Streetscape and Public Realm Plans


Parks, Trails and Open Space Planning and Design
Cemetery Planning and Design
Landscape Design for Residential, Commercial,
Industrial and Institutional Projects
Sports and Recreation Site Design
Vegetation and Tree Management Plans
Construction Administration
Streetscape Design