Connecting Younger Generations with Cemeteries

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Cory Blaquiere, a landscape architect at Hilton Landmarks, and Mandy Benoualid, CEO of Qeepr, talk about redefining cemeteries to engage younger people.

Wildlife habitats and wetlands. Car shows and festivals. We may not immediately make the connection to cemeteries, although municipalities and private operators are finding new ways to engage communities in these unique spaces. These are versatile places that can provide natural open spaces, public walking trails, seating, and host a range of community events.

Cory Blaquiere is a landscape architect with Hilton Landmarks, a division of GSP Group, specializing in cemetery planning and design. Mandy Benoualid is CEO of Qeeper, an online memorial platform. Together, they studied how landscape architecture and technology combine to promote environmental sustainability and connect younger generations to the public spaces around them, including cemeteries.

Cory and Mandy recently led an information session at the Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals conference about redefining the cemetery and funeral home experience to engage the younger generation, and published in Network, a publication for the Canadian cemetery management industry.

Read Connecting Younger Generations with Cemeteries to learn more about how landscape architecture and user-focused software are attracting younger generations to cemetery spaces beyond funeral and burial services.



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