Project Description

The subject applications propose to redevelop the Thundering Waters Golf Club into a new residential neighbourhood that will transform the existing golf course into a residential community with a new street fabric interwoven with existing streets, provide a variety of residential types and forms, allow for a connected system of public multi-use trails, parks, parkettes and open spaces. The overall structure and layout of the proposed development includes natural areas, streets, stormwater management ponds, parks trails, multiple residential developments, and low-density residential uses.

The amendments are required to permit a mixed-use development consisting of between 893 and 1137 dwelling units, local commercial uses within a mixed-use building, parks and multi-use trails, stormwater management and areas for the protection and enhancement of natural features.

The plan of subdivision proposes to divide the land into:

  • 232 lots for detached dwellings,
  • 9 blocks for on-street townhouse dwellings,
  • 4 blocks for mixed and apartment or block townhouse dwellings, and
  • 2 blocks for mixed-use development.

In addition, the project includes significant environmental areas and open spaces all of which are to be connected by a series of multi-use trails and walkways.

Finally, the proposal requests that part of the Site be classified as a Class 4 Receptor Area pursuant to the Ministry of the Environment’s Noise Guideline NPC-300 to address noise from adjacent industrial development.

Reports & Documents

Air Quality Assessment
Application Form DPS
Application Form OPA-ZBA
Draft Plan of Subdivision
Environmental Impact Statement
Final Stage I Archaeology Report
Final Stage II Archaeology Report
Functional Servicing Report
Neighbourhood Master Plan & Design Guidelines
Noise Report
Phase One Environmental Site Assessment
Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment
Planning Justification Report
Storm Water Management Report
Transportation Study

Neighbourhood Meeting

Date: November 28, 2018

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Location: MacBain Community Centre, 7150 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, ON  L2H 3N3

Statutory Meeting

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD