Project Description

The proposed development consists of a 4-storey self-storage facility with a building footprint of 3,207 square metres (34,524 square feet) and a total floor area of 12,482 square metres (134,355 square feet).

A total of sixteen (16) surface parking spaces are provided at grade, with an additional three (3) pull-in loading zone spaces that are located internal to the building. One (1) barrier-free parking space is provided closest to the principle entrance.

The self-storage facility is proposed to be developed within the existing commercial plaza located at 510 Centennial Parkway North.

The intention of the planning applications is to permit the use of the self-storage facility as well as to not restrict the future development of the rest of the commercial plaza by excluding the self-storage facility from the maximum gross floor area permitted for all development within the existing commercial plaza.

If you would like to comment on this application, please send your comment in an email to either of the planning contacts provided on the right.

Reports and Documents

Functional Servicing Report
Planning Justification Report
Elevations & Floor Plans
Overall Site Plan
Site Plan

Statutory Meeting

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