GSP Group Senior Designer Steve Loughran receives a Canadian Association of Certified Professional Planners Award for his work on the Hunt Club Estates Neighbourhood in Cambridge.

Community Design Award for Hunt Club Estates

The Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians presented GSP Group Senior Designer Steve Loughran, CPT, with a Community Design Award for his work on the Hunt Club Estates Neighbourhood mixed-use community in Cambridge. Based on input from stakeholders and the public, Steve prepared a draft plan of subdivision, zoning schedules, severance sketches, trail plans, detailed concept plans, and 3D models. His 3D visualizations helped resolve issues and reach consensus toward changing land use policy and zoning. Details are available here.... Read More

Members of the Barton-Tiffany Design team led by GSP Group during the Hamilton Urban Design Awards.

Barton-Tiffany Earns Urban Design Award for Excellence

GSP Group and its design team received a Hamilton Urban Design Award for Excellence in Community Planning for a study of the Barton-Tiffany downtown neighbourhood. The study involved consultation looking at opportunities for ways to regenerate the West Harbour area. The jury noted the innovative approach knits the former industrial area into the fabric of the surrounding community through streets and public spaces. “The jury praises the balanced approach of promoting a modest scale of development that will not siphon up density within one area. The study envisions a low-rise and mid-rise form of mixed use, transit oriented development planned around a network of high... Read More

GSP Group prepared a streetscape master plan and urban design guidelines for Downtown Thorold. The project received an honourable mention at the 2014 Niagara Community Design Awards.

Distinction for Downtown Thorold Design

The Downtown Thorold Streetscape Master Plan led by GSP Group received a Niagara Community Design Awards honourable mention. The plan recommends improvements to accessibility, pedestrian infrastructure and consideration of a new linear open space through the downtown. The Review Committee described this project as an inspiration for other communities. The plan builds on recent private developments and considers how public space can support further investment, re-investment and intensification within the core.... Read More

Two honours for Waterloo Public Square

GSP Group received a Royal Architecture Institute of Canada/Canadian Institute of Planners/Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, National Urban Design Award for Waterloo Public Square. The project also earned GSP Group an Urban / Community Design Award from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. Waterloo's Public Square was created on the site of a former parking lot on King Street in Uptown Waterloo and has become a popular focal point for the city. The Uptown Public Square Study assessed alternative uses for the site, appropriate urban design for this main street location, and alternative sites for a new public square. The planning... Read More

GSP Group received a Niagara Region Community Design Award for the City of Port Colborne Downtown Central Business District Community Improvement Plan and Urban Design Study.

Niagara Community Design Award

GSP Group, with RCI Consulting, received a Niagara Region Community Design Award in the Policy and Plans category for the City of Port Colborne Downtown Central Business District Community Improvement Plan. The plan recognizes the importance of a mix of uses, quality design, changes to the public and private realm, the heritage of the area, the relationship with the Welland Canal, and the need for tools to ensure the improvements can be realized. To support the plan, GSP Group prepared an Urban Design Strategy to provide a comprehensive approach for improvements to the physical built environment in Downtown Port Colborne,... Read More

GSP Group provided landscape design for the LEED Platinum CANMET project which received Hamilton's Award of Excellence in Architecture and Sustainability.

Canmet finds Excellence in Sustainability

City of Hamilton named Canmet Materials Technology Laboratory as the recipient of the Award of Excellence in Architecture and Sustainability. GSP Group provided landscape design and construction services for the LEED Platinum project. Sustainable landscape elements include water-efficient native plants and high-albedo pavement treatments to reduce heat island effect. Sustainability included drip irrigation with greywater cisterns and site furnishings with recycled content. The project features three accessible terraces with one intensive planting area. The building is a showpiece of rehabilitating a brownfield site with sustainable technologies, such as geothermal heating and cooling, radiating in floor heating, photovoltaic cells, solar walls,... Read More

Davenport Multi-Use Road Improvement in Waterloo.

Canadian Municipalities Praise Davenport Road

The City of Waterloo's Davenport Road Multi-Use Corridor Improvement Project won a Sustainable Communities Transportation award from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. GSP Group, City of Waterloo staff and WalterFedy worked together on road upgrades which helped lower traffic speeds by reducing Davenport Road from four lanes to two, with dedicated turn lanes and landscaped islands. Once a barrier between two residential communities and adjacent commercial areas, Davenport Road now connects the communities and encourages active transportation by cyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair and transit users. The project introduced the first-ever bike box and bike lay-bys in Waterloo Region.... Read More

Waterloo Public Square ranked among the best public spaces

Planetizen, a public-interest information exchange provided by Urban Insight for the urban planning, design, and development community, recognized Waterloo Public Square as one of the top 100 public spaces in the United States and Canada. Waterloo Public Square was ranked 13 out of the 100 best public spaces, and is the top rated public space in Canada. The results are from a crowdsourcing project, in collaboration with the Project for Public Spaces. The results are indicative of the City of Waterloo's passion for their local public spaces. Recent events at the Waterloo Public Square include UpTown Market, Fair in the... Read More