Barton-Tiffany Earns Urban Design Award for Excellence

Members of the Barton-Tiffany Design team led by GSP Group during the Hamilton Urban Design Awards.

GSP Group and its design team received a Hamilton Urban Design Award for Excellence in Community Planning for a study of the Barton-Tiffany downtown neighbourhood. The study involved consultation looking at opportunities for ways to regenerate the West Harbour area. The jury noted the innovative approach knits the former industrial area into the fabric of the surrounding community through streets and public spaces.

“The jury praises the balanced approach of promoting a modest scale of development that will not siphon up density within one area. The study envisions a low-rise and mid-rise form of mixed use, transit oriented development planned around a network of high quality pedestrian oriented streetscapes and public spaces.”

GSP Group developed the Barton-Tiffany Design concept and guidelines with Diamond Schmitt Architects, Paradigm Transportation Solutions Ltd., MTE Consultants, HGC Engineering and N. Barry Lyon Consultants.

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