Steve Loughran

Associate - Senior Designer

Steve Loughran has over 20 years of experience in the design and preparation of graphics. His expertise in urban design and development has supported various residential, commercial and industrial projects. Steve provides a broad range of project experience including draft plans of subdivision and condominiums, site plans, marketing plans, 3D modeling and animation. He also prepares and designs community plans and development concepts for land owners, developers and commercial real estate firms.

Steve is a key member of GSP Group for such projects as the Hunt Club Estates Neighbourhood in Cambridge. This project has involved significant consultation and Steve's 3D visualization skills to help resolve issues and reach consensus toward changing land use policy and zoning for the new development. Other significant projects include the BarrelYards in Waterloo, Heritage Estates subdivision in Kitchener and the unique Fused-Grid demonstration plan in Stratford for CMHC which required Steve's understanding of urban design and planning principles to study this alternative planning approach to accommodate growth.

Designing from a livability perspective is a signature of Steve's work and principles. He excels at solving problems from a design standpoint and creating graphics that clearly convey key information to a specific audience. This has earned him an excellent reputation for look and readability of his graphic designs. He won the 2017 CACPT Award for Community Design for Hunt Club Estates Neighbourhood in Cambridge, and the 2011 CACPT Award for 3D Design for Huron Estates Community in Kitchener. Steve continues to be part of a panel for the Fanshawe College Urban Design Program critiquing student year-end projects.

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