GSP Group with RCI Consulting prepared a Community Improvement Plan for the Downtown area of the Town of Grimsby. The purpose of the CIP was to provide a framework to guide public sector investment and stimulate private sector investment in the defined Community Improvement Project Area.  The CIP assessed the area's existing conditions, identified the critical needs for community improvement, recommended public realm improvements throughout the area, established financial incentive programs to encourage private sector improvement, and provided an overall strategy for implementation.

As part of the CIP process, GSP undertook a comprehensive urban design and visualization exercise to illustrate the vision and recommended improvements for Downtown Grimsby.  This included preparation of a comprehensive set of Downtown Design Guidelines to direct the design of new developments and façade improvements, identification and 3D modeling of the potential infill and intensification opportunities in the area, and recommended public realm improvements, including the streetscapes, parks and open spaces, and civic areas.

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