Cadillac Fairview announced extensive redevelopment plans for Fairview Park Mall in early 2018. Rebranded as the CF Grand Market District, the redevelopment proposes to intensify the property and provide for mixed-use development, including additional commercial retail, office uses and multiple residential towers to optimize the ION light rail transit service. The intent is to create a landmark destination at the south end of Kitchener that builds on Fairview Park Mall's historic commercial significance in Waterloo Region and capitalizes on the ION service that will eventually extend further south to the City of Cambridge.

GSP Group is assisting with the approval of a zoning by-law amendment as well as detailed site plan applications for each phase of redevelopment.

Phase 1 of the redevelopment includes repurposing the former Sears space and the addition of new commercial retail and office uses along Fairway Road. Phase 2 includes intensification and redevelopment of underutilized portions of the site for commercial, office and residential uses as well as additional on-site parking facilities.

The redevelopment will strengthen the position of the CF Grand Market District in the Region by reinforcing its role as a major retail centre while leveraging its role as a mixed-use, transit supportive node. The addition of office space, residential units and public spaces will assist in creating a vibrant “live-work-play” environment that will be easily accessed by many modes of travel. The Grand Market District will have a new, stronger sense of place.

This artist illustration should be considered as a preliminary demonstration model that illustrates a hypothetical long-term development scenario for the site. The massing, heights and site layout are conceptual only and do not represent current development plans. Any future development on the site will be subject to detailed design and the applicable planning approvals.

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