GSP Group prepared concept and detailed designs for implementation of a splash pad involving public consultation. The space integrated landscape design with a prehistoric theme within the park area. Design provided for accessibility, shade, visibility and seating for caregivers and included site plantings, walkways, furnishings and bike racks.

GSP Group was responsible for the preparation of a revised set of construction documents, tender documents and construction administration services. The splash pad was designed as a recirculating system, including skid mounted controls and equipment, a pre-fabricated storage tank with accompanying diverter and strainer system. Minor pedestrian and vehicular paving additions, associated site furnishings and surrounding landscape plantings will be included.

An updated site grading and drainage plan ensured that all proposed grades tied into the existing conditions and positive drainage was accomplished across the project area.

Improvements and connections were required to the existing mechanical room, including adding of concrete flooring and coring of walls for connections and associated piping. In addition, revisions are to be made to the driveway loop in order to ensure a proper turning radius.

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