GSP Group led a multi-disciplinary team to prepare a master plan to improve outdoor spaces at Kitchener City Hall. Carl Zehr Square is the premier downtown event space. However, its infrastructure is worn. Large events being held there could not be accommodated when the square was originally designed.

A background study looked at the condition of infrastructure and materials. It also examined how the space was used on a daily basis and for events, operations and maintenance, and overall comfort. User groups and the public took part in a consultation process to give input on existing and future use of the square. The public was clear on its desire to maintain the skating rink.

The master plan creates a more comfortable and functional space. Water jets replace the reflecting pool. The rink remains in winter months. A larger stage is located in the northeast, and there are opportunities for seating areas and shade. Operations are enhanced, and event setup is improved. Along Duke Street, the plan provides more open and accessible spaces, and integrates a transit stop. The master plan provides cost estimates and will guide future refurbishment projects.

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