GSP Group and WalterFedy prepared a master plan for McLennan Park. This is a 40-hectare former landfill site that was largely undeveloped andused for tobogganing, walking and general open space. The master plan considered constraints imposed by the former landfill operations, city-wide and local recreation needs, neighbourhood concerns regarding change to the undeveloped area, and private sector interest in developing a snow tube facility on the hill. As part of the master plan report, GSP Group prepared and assessed several park development options and facilities and identified a detailed phasing and implementation strategy.

Implementing the approved park master plan, GSP Group was involved in the detailed design and construction of the phased park development. Phase 1 included a grand entrance feature, entry roadway, parking, a refined toboggan hill, leash free zone and landscaping. Phase 2 included an accessible playground, BMX bike park, skateboard park, free play area, sport courts, Block Line Road entry, parking and trails, as well as amenities such as a splash pad, ice skating area, concession building, trails and landscaping. Now fully operational, McLennan Park is a major park destination within Kitchener and has hosted a range of community and city-wide events in addition to its day-to-day recreation function.

GSP Group more recently worked with engineers to complete landscape restoration of the landfill cap.

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