GSP Group was retained by the Municipality of Middlesex Centre to undertake a Comprehensive Review under the Provincial Policy Statement to determine the need for changes to the settlement area boundaries and land use designations in its Official Plan.  Middlesex Centre is an urban/rural municipality located to the north and west sides of the City of London, with a population distributed among eleven settlement areas ranging from serviced urban areas to small hamlets on private services.

The Comprehensive Review sought to align settlement area land use designations with growth forecasts and investments in infrastructure, and ensuring that continued growth is strategically managed and distributed in an efficient, responsible and sustainable manner. GSP Group developed and evaluated a range of alternative growth management scenarios through an extensive consultation program involving the Municipality and other public agencies, local interests and the broader community.  Complementing the Comprehensive Review, GSP Group also prepared a Secondary Plan for the Komoka-Kilworth urban settlement area, a historic and current focus for growth and development in Middlesex Centre. The results of the Comprehensive Review and the Secondary Plan for Komoka-Kilworth were implemented by an Official Plan Amendment prepared by GSP Group.

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