GSP Group and F.J. Galloway Associates prepared a master plan to identify new parks and improvements or repurposing of existing parks to meet the growing community’s changing needs over the next 10 years.

GSP Group completed an inventory and condition assessment of existing parks and open spaces, and a tree inventory and evaluation for the Town’s parks. New mapping of the parks, trails and other public open spaces has been developed within a Geographic Information System (GIS).

GSP Group also developed pedestrian and cycling route mapping and applied the GIS spatial / network analysis function to assess the distribution of parks and level of access to outdoor recreation within existing and planned neighbourhoods and communities. This analysis has assisted with evaluating and defining park service levels, identifying and prioritizing areas for new parks and renewal of existing parks, and determining opportunities to improve access to specific park amenities.

The research and mapping also includes a review of demographic characteristics at various geographic scales, a community development profile, municipal financial and organizational review, and analysis of current and emerging trends and strategies in parks planning, acquisition, design, development, programming and management.

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