GSP Group updated the Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) Land Use Plan for 250 hectares of land. Changes to the Port’s operating context included additional land acquisitions, new federal security requirements, ongoing environmental initiatives, and changes in the composition of industries in the area.

Following the direction of the Canada Marine Act, the Land Use Plan explains how HPA’s sustainable activities will be undertaken over a 15 to 20 years. A framework guides current and future land use decision making and achieves HPA’s regional economic development and trade facilitation mandate.

The Land Use Plan process generated input from approximately 225 community, stakeholder, and tenant participants through workshops and online input and surveys.

The approved Land Use Plan:

  • explains the evolving context of the Port of Hamilton;
  • outlines the HPA’s mission and key land use principles;
  • provides area-specific direction for different pier groupings;
  • outlines key initiatives, policies, and programs moving forward;
  • establishes stakeholder relationships.

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