Comprehensive Review, Servicing Strategy and Secondary Plan

GSP Group is leading a multi-disciplinary team of land use planners, engineers, and specialists in natural and cultural heritage, archaeology, municipal finance and agricultural impact assessment to prepare a Comprehensive Review, Servicing Strategy and Secondary Plan for a future employment area in Southeast Woodstock.

The planning framework will assist the City to expand its settlement boundary to include up to 612 hectares of land annexed from the Township of Norwich to accommodate future employment growth.

The Secondary Plan is being developed under the Planning Act and is integrated with the infrastructure planning as required by the Municipal Engineers Association’s Class Environmental Assessment for Water, Wastewater and Roads (as recently amended in 2015) Master Plan Approach #4. It will establish the recommended land use, transportation and infrastructure plan for the study area.

The process of developing the Secondary Plan and Servicing Strategy involves a detailed review of existing conditions including land use, environment, transportation / access, archaeological and cultural heritage and other resources.

Using this information land use, servicing and transportation options are evaluated to consider alternative layouts and develop a preferred land use plan focusing primarily on employment land uses, and also considering other potential ancillary and support uses to employment areas.

A financial impact study will assess the cost feasibility of required infrastructure and recovery mechanisms. Urban design guidelines will guide direction for development and the public realm in the Secondary Plan area. Community and stakeholder consultation are key components and include stakeholder / agency meetings, public information centres and online materials for review.

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