The University of Waterloo South Common is transformed. Significant regrading of a berm that stretched across much of the space improved pedestrian walkways, site lines and accessibility throughout the site. The design maintains much of the existing green open spaces and vegetation.

GSP Group led the project team to develop the preferred design featuring a prominent plaza with movable furniture and shade umbrellas. The plaza is connected to the space through decorative paving across the South Common.

University faculty, staff and students provided feedback through an open house presentation of the proposed design and costs, and they approved a final concept and budget estimate. The preferred concept considers existing site conditions and preserving existing trees, improvements to views across the space, pedestrian circulation and accessibility, as well as open space programming opportunities to improve user experience and sense of place.

GSP Group's landscape architecture team used high level initiatives for the South Common that were identified in the Campus Master Plan. Significant regrading incorporates infiltration areas, bioswales and upgraded servicing for stormwater treatment.

GSP Group coordinated with the University of Waterloo Operations Staff and the General Contractor to determine a phased approach to implementation staging to minimize impacts on pedestrian circulation and access to surrounding buildings during construction. Phase 1 was completed by the fall of 2016, and Phase 2 by the fall of 2017.

CSL Group landscape contractors received a Landscape Ontario Construction Program Award for implementing the design of South Common Phase 1 and 2.

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