Victoria Common is a true brown-to-green example with site remediation facilitating new development which integrates sustainability initiatives. The site housed industrial activities since the mid-nineteenth century, once including a tannery, a woodworking shop and several auto-related businesses, but had been abandoned and derelict since 2002.

GSP Group led the preparation of design plans and obtaining planning approvals for the redevelopment of the six-hectare brownfield site near Downtown Kitchener. Victoria Common is a mixed-residential development that will infuse 958 new dwellings into the central neighbourhood.

Victoria Common has transformed the site into a transit-oriented development that is a strong example of reusing underutilized, contaminated lands for intensified residential infill uses. The design created a vibrant, active, and sustainable neighbourhood within walking distance of the Downtown, surrounding employment areas, and the ION rapid transit system. A future central piazza will accommodate different recreation needs throughout the year.

The first three phases included the construction of 208 townhouses and 191 condominium units. An additional 551 condo units are expected in the next three building phases, with future linear park also designed by GSP Group.

GSP Group prepared the master plan that set out overall design vision and guidelines. A principal challenge was to balance the need for integrating an urban redevelopment project within the existing lower rise, lower density neighbourhood context. Planning approvals were received in 2013 and 2014, and the vision for the property is now being realized.

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