The notion of a public square on King Street in Uptown Waterloo had been present but unresolved for many years.  The City selected GSP Group to advise on the appropriate use of the Waterloo Town Square parking lot on King Street at Willis Way.

Following determination of the public square use through an extensive public consultation exercise, GSP prepared three concept plans and evaluated them with the public and stakeholders.  The detail design addresses site grades by incorporating an expansive curved walkway and seating amphitheatre between King Street and the shops at Waterloo Town Square. A large open gathering area provides multi-use opportunities for programmed events.  In the concrete is the embedded piping to accommodate the popular winter ice skating rink.

Working with MTE Consultants, detail design drawings were prepared, with extensive coordination between the Region, GRCA and City staff.  The site is located within a regional floodway, along a rail corridor and fronting onto King Street, a Regional road, and a major transit stop.

The project received the 2010 National Urban Design Award from the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada/Canadian Institute of Planners/Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, and the 2010  Urban/Community Design Award from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute.

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