Amanda Stellings

Project Description

With over five years of land-use planning experience in both the private and public sectors, Amanda started her career in the private sector working for a local home builder and later worked as a private land-use consultant with a focus on infill and greenfield residential development and retirement / long-term care buildings. In addition, Amanda previously worked for the County of Oxford processing land-use and development applications, as well as preparing and presenting planning opinions to Council and liaising with the public.

Through her interior design education and experiences working on large-scale design projects, Amanda developed an interest in urban planning and later obtained her Master of Planning from the University of Waterloo.


This page is intended to provide you with reports and other resources that are prepared during project development. The planning applications involved in these developments are a public process. It is our goal to keep you informed and involved at each stage. Please contact the appropriate local municipality to ensure your comments become part of the public record. If you have questions about a project, please contact the GSP Group Project Manager indicated.