The Catalyst137 project repurposed a former Uniroyal warehouse into what is now a 475,000-square-foot office and tech manufacturing facility. The building provides office space for large and small companies, with small meeting alcoves, event space and a variety of food opportunities.

The design of the outdoor environment reflects the innovative use of the building interior. Upon entering the site from Glasgow Street, the main entry is strongly emphasized with tree plantings and upright ornamental grasses. The driveway guides site users to the entry plaza, located directly ahead. SRM Architects collaborated on the entry plaza designed.

The circuit board inspires the design of the plaza paving, and the design continues into the building. Cutouts for planting, as well as seating opportunities, also incorporate the circuit board design.

Redevelopment of the site includes a new trail connection from the adjacent Iron Horse Trail. The trail node, aligned with the entry plaza to the west, is also in the shape of the Catalyst137 logo. The connection to the trail network allows the Catalyst site to be easily accessed through alternative modes of transportation, creating a hub for creative thinking and technological advancement.

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