GSP Group is leading a multi-disciplinary team to realize an established vision for Queen Street in Downtown Kitchener. This Placemaking phase requires a pedestrian-driven approach to improve the all-season public realm at the historic intersection with King Street, while informing road re-engineering and construction.

The project prioritized construction staging with open and ongoing communication with Downtown Businesses to minimize disruption.

The unique jog at King Street and open spaces of Vogelsang Green and Goudies Laneway provide intimate opportunities to address the City’s history while taking a more modern approach to the streetscape within its mixed architectural context. The tabletop raised intersection at King Street is the tapestry that denotes downtown’s origin.

The challenge of limited space is met with a unique design for a flexible space with functional furniture allowing the space to be transformed into event spaces. Traditional pedestrian widths and road profiles are adjusted to ensure the streetscape is barrier free and accommodating for all users.

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